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Video Promotion

Promotion – DIY video can also be effective, the key is the correct content and method

YouTube and Facebook promotion is a very effective way to spread video information: whether it is product preview, training or service promotion, as long as it is a good introduction, the audience will be interested. The effectiveness of YouTube and Facebook promotion is easy to measure, mainly depending on the number of video views, likes (Like) or dislikes (Dislike) comments and comments left by viewers. The audience disguised to rate your content. Many products or services are difficult to express in pure text, and are more suitable for promotion in video form. The use of video promotion also helps to strengthen the viewer’s confidence in product service, especially when it comes to the ardent recommendation of the responsible person.

Distribute trials for promotion

O2O online and offline advantages

Many companies use different methods to promote their own brands, such as holding promotional activities, distributing gifts, trials, etc., and some will distribute souvenirs at the event, killing two birds with one stone. To make your customers more impressed with your products, you must cooperate with the video and use O2O online and offline interaction to bring potential customers to your store through the online platform.