AdJumble* help you locate ad spaces nearby.

We offer ad placements at low as HK$0.0776 per exposure, which included ad design service free of charge.

Based on the population density of business district, ads are seen by at least 50,000 potential customers in your target area.

Our Digital Art

We offer wonderful unique design for each restaurants.

Our services

One – stop advertising agency service platform. Provide matching service for advertisers and restaurants.

AdJumble business covers ads management, ads design, printing, delivery and after-sales service to ensure that every customer can enjoy the platform due to AdJumble’s results.

Extremely Low Cost Advertising

A extremely inexpensive way to advertise in targeted region.

Free Placemats

Free placemats for restaurant with delivery – and share 10% advertising revenue with restaurant.

Mobile Apps

Electronic coupons gain loyalty from your customers.