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Placemat: 100% Free With Delivery

Give your diners relax and get new information and latest offers for market products.

Eight Functions of Placemat


Prevent the food from getting dirty when the food overflows,


Prevent the device to break the desktop, and reduce the chance of damage to the tableware,


Anti-scalding and anti-skid,


Easy cleaning, reduce staff workload, allow restaurant serve once more during the most lucrative session, e.g. noon & evening,


Let the dishes be richer,


Using placemat with the color of the dishes, make the food look more delicious, entertain guests make meals more richer visual effects,


Health and clean, attract high society to patronize,


Polite, one of the ways to keep a good table manners.

It's free for restaurant with delivery - and share 10% advertising revenue with restaurant.

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One – stop advertising agency service platform. Provide matching service for advertisers and restaurants. AdJumble business covers ads management, ads design, printing, delivery and after-sales service to ensure that every customer can enjoy the platform due to AdJumble’s results.

Upload Materials

Advertisers can use AdJumble search for the right ad slots, upload material, and see production by phone and website. Restaurants can use AdJumble self-service orders, access to free mats and related supplies.

Production & Track

Track your placemats production status 24-hour. All the placemats will be designed by a professional graphic designer, delivery tracking at a glance, just an AdJumble will be able to track and manage for you!

Top Reasons to Join AdJumble* Platform

  • Placemats is Definitely Free

    Full colour printing and we delivery to your restaurant without charge. For a 30-seater restaurant, save about HK$ 80,000 per year for your store. Guideline click here

  • Customized Styling

    Unique design for every restaurant, with logo of your placemat. Put signature dishes and you put dish menu from Monday to Sunday, that’s our local culture.

  • 10% Reward Profit Sharing

    We share profit with restaurants thru loyalty program, we directly pay back 10% income as bonus points. Select redemption package include tableware etc. This 10% is not deducted from any operating costs. Redemption List click here

  • Weekly Uses 1500 Placemats

    Save your operation cost definitely. Want to know how much you save? We have a Expend & Earn Calculator.

Available on App Store and Google Play

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How It Works

  • Download & Install AdJumble* App

    Open App Store on your iPhone and Google Play on your Android, search AdJumble*. Install it!

  • Complete Your Business Profile

    AdJumble* links to Food and Environmental Hygiene Department’s Restaurant Licences Data Resources, input your licence number let AdJumble* complete your registration in a minute.

  • Upload Materials

    Restaurants can use AdJumble* access to free mats and related supplies. Guideline click here